“Whip me, squeeze me, make me wine…” Christian Grey begins the evening by sharing a bottle of wine from his cellar with his lady conquest. After a few glasses, when her cheeks are slightly flushed, he quietly takes her hand and leads her to his secret red room for a passionate liaison. Anastasia, his muse, is filled with delight and no matter what he does to her, she always comes back for more. So goes the best selling erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Beyond popular literature and into the real world of viticulture, there are the Fifty Shades of Grape. There are so many wines, so many grape varieties, so many places where grapes are grown and wine is made. The vineyards are located in the most romantic places on earth. There are 50 Shades of Grape because of this wide diversity of terroir and expressions of wine but also because wine itself as a beverage is very sensual. It is a uniquely romantic liquid. There is passion, beauty and art in this drink.

Wine is often spoken of as if it were a beautiful woman. Wine has a good body. It is elegant, sophisticated, hot, sexy, luscious, fashionable. Wine has long legs, it has pedigree, it can be pouty, cloying, spicy and there is delight in finding one that is bold yet silky smooth.

Some women appreciate a man who knows his way around a wine list. Thus, many a well chosen bottle of fine wine has lead to a romantic encounter. This is particularly true because the fermented grape has been scientifically proven to be a strong aphrodisiac in women. Studies show that women who drink two glasses of wine a day have a stronger libido than non-wine drinkers. The compounds in red wine increase blood flow to the female erogenous zones. Women who drink wine daily were found to think about intimate relations more frequently than those who do not imbibe. Finally, studies show that wine drinkers have healthier sex lives, regardless of their age.

Beyond the scientific studies, drinking wine is a sensual experience. When drinking wine, all of the senses are invoked. One eyes the beauty of the color, the clarity of the liquid, the curves of the crystal. Getting closer, there is the scent of perfume on the nose. Once put in the mouth it explodes with flavor and there is the sensation of the nectar on the tongue. When swallowed, the flavor lingers on for a long finish leaving one satisfied, savoring the moment but soon longing for more.

In essence then, wine is for lovers who seek a new experience with each encounter. It is a drink, but more than any other it has so many flavors and colors to choose from, white, straw, pink, light red, crimson, purple to opaque black. So bring out the good crystal, uncork the excitement of an excellent bottle and explore the Fifty Shades of Grape. There is romance in every glass.