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Fifty Shades of Grape

Author: Tim Nodland

“Whip me, squeeze me, make me wine…” Christian Grey begins the evening by sharing a bottle of wine from his cellar with his lady conquest. After a few glasses, when her cheeks are slightly flushed, he quietly takes her hand and leads her to his secret red room for a passionate liaison. Anastasia, his muse, […]

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Wine: Great Legs and a Firm Ass

Author: Tim Nodland

Almost every time I attend a wine tasting I hear some know-it-all say that a wine is well made because it has “great legs”. When someone refers to “great legs” they are referring to the droplets of liquid coming down the side of the wine glass like tears. Pick up your glass, perhaps you have […]

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Wine Headache! – Here’s the “Cure”

Author: Tim Nodland

It’s not what you have heard. Sulfites do not cause wine headaches! That is a myth and science has thoroughly debunked it. You have to let go of that one. No, wrong again, it is not the tannin in red wine. That is a myth as well. The culprits are histamine and tyramine, two compounds […]

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Top Walla Walla Merlot Vineyards

Author: Tim Nodland

Walla Walla is home to some of the greatest Merlot vineyards in the world. Among the great vineyards of this AVA, three stand out for exceptional Merlot. Each vineyard has distinctive flavor characteristics. Seven Hills Vineyard. This vineyard is located in the southern portion of the Walla Walla wine growing region or “AVA” and is […]

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Carmenere – The Lost Grape, Recently Rediscovered

Author: Tim Nodland

Almost thought extinct, the grape we now call Carmenere was once called Biturica and was the darling grape of ancient Romans who planted the vine all over Europe. It took hold in a city they named Biturica, after the grape which is now called Bordeaux. It is no surprise then that Carmenere is now one […]

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