Join the Club!

The Nodland Cellar Wine Club…

Offering two featured wine club options, with a variety hand-picked award-winning wines to suit all tastes, as well as many other valuable member benefits. And, no initial membership cost!

#1 Opening Act Club

  • 1 to 2 bottles per allocation.
    Hand-picked especially by our winemaker, Tim Nodland
  • 3 allocations a year
  • 10% discount on all wine release allocations and all bottle purchases.

$50 (+/-) per shipment, based on bottle cost.


#2 All Access Pass Club

  • 3 bottles of each release with 15% discount, up to 5 releases a year
  • First access to reserve wines
  • 15% bottle purchases anytime.
  • Access Pass Club member only events

Average $75 (+/-) per allocation


Terms & Conditions

  • Wine Club memberships are a 1-Year Commitment.
  • There is no initial or start up fees membership costs.
  • Members agree to provide a valid credit card number and current billing address. Credit Cards will be a charged for each bottle of wine per release 3 times yearly based on club option membership #1 or 5 times yearly based on club option membership #2.
  • I agree to pick up my wine allocation at the release event or if I am not available to attend, I authorize it to be shipped to my address on file.

General Admission

General Admission is for wine lovers who are not yet ready to join the wine club or are on the waiting list. General Admission allows you:

  • Access to purchase wine releases that was in excess or unclaimed by active wine club members, if any.
  • Receive news about the winery
  • Receive news about new wine releases
  • Receive news about upcoming events

General Admission Members do not get a wine club discount nor participation in wine club only member events.



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